The Artist in Residence program is designed for visual artists to showcase their work in a unique space with the inspirational backdrop of Vincent van Gogh at Immersive Van Gogh venues across North America. Artists are invited to create and cultivate work during their residency around the theme of Vincent van Gogh – all while surrounded by a community of art enthusiasts at onsite venues. This is a wonderful opportunity to build connections, create networks, collaborate, and share work with other artists and the general public.

Artist in Residence Program


Artists local to the city whose art takes influence from Vincent Van Gogh, are invited to apply. Artists should have an inventory of work to display, as well as be comfortable working within the designated venue space, bringing necessary materials onsite to create visual artwork. Visual artwork is defined as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, or crafts such as jewelry making.

Credit: Jeremy Lewis for smART Magazine

Artist in Residence Program


The Artist in Residence program invites artists into Immersive Van Gogh venues, a portion of which they will use as a studio and gallery space for the length of their residency and take inspiration from Vincent van Gogh’s body of work. Artists will be able to create, showcase and sell their artwork on-site, as well as connect with attendees from the local community.

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Artist in Residence Program


The program is designed for participation over the entire program period, which can range between 4-6 weeks. Artists will cover a presence at Van Gogh venues for approximately 40 hours/week, Tuesday through Sunday during afternoons, evenings, and weekends. The artists’ time onsite can be divisible between different residents if part of the same collective / curatorial selection.

Artists are expected to be available for the exact dates as listed for each city.

Artist in Residence Program


In order to enhance the Immersive Van Gogh VIP experience, the Artists / Art Collectives / Curators will be called upon to create a small piece of art of their choice, such as a small art sample or framed print of their work, preferably pre-created or with the ability to produce large quantities on site to then be gifted to the VIPs. Artists / Art Collectives / Curators’ material expenses for this project will be covered, subject to an approved budget with a company representative.

Artist in Residence Program


This is an opportunity for artists to display, create, and sell artwork at the Immersive Van Gogh venues. Provided resources will be coordinated with the onsite venue manager, examples include tables, a chair, an easel,  And secure onsite storage will also be provided for use when not onsite. Resources vary by venue.  Please complete the resource request section of the application.

There will be additional promotional opportunities to be featured on the Immersive Van Gogh social media pages, as well as a profile feature article in the smART Magazine by Lighthouse Immersive.

Artist in Residence Program


Lighthouse Immersive offers a weekly fee based on a commitment of 40 hours per week onsite as well as additional compensation for the materials used for the VIP component of the residency. If an artist commits to fewer hours onsite and is willing to share their residency, compensation will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis. Attendance during the peak hours of afternoons, evenings, and weekends is preferred.

Artist in Residence Program


Artists are selected by impartial adjudicators on the basis of their submitted material and proposed projects. The selection panel will pay close attention to maintain racial, social, and gender equity and offering equal opportunities to all the applicants.  

Applicants will be notified of their status no later than 5 business days prior to the residency start date.

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The Artist in Residence program will be available in multiple cities. We encourage you to apply by clicking on your city and filling out the form.

Remember that Artists are expected to be available for the exact dates as listed for each city.