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Disney Animation: Immersive Experience Boston

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A monthly publication featuring some of the most exciting events and creatives in the performing arts—brought to you by Lighthouse Immersive.

A new way of encountering art

Founded in 2019 by Toronto-based producers, Corey Ross and Svetlana Dvoretsky and Toronto-based developer – Slava Zheleznyakov along with producers Maria Shclover and Irina Shabshis, Lighthouse Immersive is the first experiential entertainment multi-plex, aiming to cultivate community and creativity through large-scale events and exhibitions of all art forms.

With locations in Toronto, Boston, and San Francisco, Lighthouse Immersive offers versatile spaces for creators to present their work, while engaging audiences around the globe in unique art experiences that encourage dialogue and inspire new artistic creations.

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We see a world where art is a part of everyone's everyday lives.

Host your event in the ultimate immersive style

Located in the heart of Boston at 130 Columbus Ave., Lighthouse ArtSpace is a joint project of Lighthouse Immersive USA and Maestro Immersive Art Inc., who share a vision for a space where immersive art can be showcased and experienced for years to come.

This elegant building graciously blends old world ambiance and warm modern interior. 

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