The Reviews Are A-Coming In!

Debra Yeo The Star

“I confess I was a bit skeptical going in. As someone who has been privileged enough to see famous art in the flesh, so to speak, around the world as well as here in Toronto, I wondered: could projections of paintings on walls and floors be thrilling?”

Debra YeoCont.

“The answer is yes, albeit in a different way than seeing them in person. […] As I gazed at magnified blades of grass I marvelled at how painstaking it must have been to put multiple colours on each blade, particularly since the original painting is much smaller than the projection.”

Social Reviews

“Magnificent! I stayed for two hours ! Splendid! An experience of a life time!”
Nour E

“OutstandingLy outstanding !!!!!”
Kea C

“Wonderful! A must see”
Gail A

“Absolutely stunning”
Ariana C

“The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit is pretty fabulous!”
Redcurlzs (vintage store)

“It was upon leaving the exhibit only did it hit me on how much I miss the normalcy in life before COVID-19. I was happy that I got to finally go out for none other than Van Gogh’s art exhibit. Something I really wanted and dreamed of for a long time. The world through Vincent’s eyes was so full of life, feelings and emotions. Life was so painful for him and yet despite the hardships, he could produce artworks depicting the world around him with such breathtaking and speechless beauty. It was a wonderful experience to see his paintings come to life in this event??? Kenma enjoyed every moment of the exhibit. Do you love galleries and art exhibits?”

“Had the opportunity to check out the @immersivevangoghexhibit!

A beautiful art piece that will definitely move you. The vocals by @imogenheap sold it for me ?.” @stefmaqzcreates

“This was breathtaking. Highly recommend to check this out while you still can!”
@vgorous, instagram