Frequently Asked Questions

I bought my tickets but...

  • I need to reschedule

    To reschedule your tickets, please visit our Change of Date Request page.

    Dates and tickets are subject to availability. Requests must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to your scheduled attendance time.

    If you purchased the Flex option, you won’t be charged for your reschedule.

    If you have not purchased the Flex option, a $9.99 fee plus tax will be applied per ticket to change the date or time.

    Last-minute Change of Date requests will not be honored. 

    In exceptional circumstances, a $9.99 fee will be applied for requests submitted less than 48 hours from your scheduled time slot.

  • I want to upgrade or downgrade

    Please contact our box office to upgrade your tickets prior to arrival.

    Unfortunately, we cannot downgrade tickets and, we don’t know why you would want to!

  • I want to change the name on them

    The name on your tickets is for buyer and COVID tracing info only, and there is no change of name required.

    Anyone who has access to the tickets can use them. The buyer is responsible for tracking COVID-19 information within their party.

  • I never received them

    If you have purchased tickets to Immersive Disney Animation directly through our website, but have not yet received your tickets, please use our Ticket Resend Tool.

    If the Ticket Resend Tool was not able to find your order, your original order email may have a typo in it. Please contact our box office to have this rectified.

    Please check your spam/junk folder before contacting the box office.

Ticket info

  • Group tickets

    A group discount is available for groups of 10 or more. Please visit our group ticket page for pricing and availability.

    For groups larger than 50 people, please contact our box office for assistance.

  • Authorized ticket sellers

    Should you have purchased tickets for our exhibit from any site other than those listed below, please contact our box office for verification.

    Authorized Ticket Partners To Immersive Disney Animation


    Other partner sites may have promotions and access to tickets, but these should redirect you to our website for purchase.

  • Ticket types & prices

    VIP and VIP Family & Friends

    Each ticket includes; Skip The Line, VIP Souvenir Laminate, a Special Gift, a Lighthouse Immersive Cushion to rent for the show, an Interactive Wristband, Complimentary Coat Check, and Experience Admission.

    Please note for Family & Friends, a minimum of 4 tickets must be purchased.

    PREMIUM [PLUS] and PREMIUM [PLUS] Family & Friends

    Each ticket includes; a Special Gift, a Lighthouse Immersive Cushion to rent for the show, an Interactive Wristband, and Experience Admission.

    Please note for Family & Friends, a minimum of 4 tickets must be purchased.

    BASIC and BASIC Family & Friends 

    Each ticket includes: Experience Admission only.

    Please note for Family & Friends, a minimum of 4 tickets must be purchased.

    This exhibit can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from Bambis to Geppettos!
    Guests under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (aged 21+).
    Babes in arms (under 2 years old) can attend free of charge. Children aged 2+ require a ticket to attend. 

    Ticket prices:

    Prices start at $39.99.

    Please click here to visit our event calendar and view the various prices available on the day you’re interested in attending. 

    All tickets are subject to applicable taxes and fees. Ticket prices are subject to change. There are no refunds or exchanges. Upgrades can be done in advance or in person at the box office.

  • Discounts

    We do not offer any other discounts or promotions at this time. We do, however, offer tickets at a reduced price during our quieter (Off-Peak) hours of operation.

Exhibit info

  • Prohibited & permissible personal items

    We encourage you to leave valuables, large bags, and other personal belongings at home. For the safety of our visitors and the collection, all bags entering or leaving the exhibit, including purses, are subject to inspection.

    Backpacks and duffle bags are not permitted in the exhibit.


    Backpacks, luggage, and duffle bags

    Paints and aerosols

    Indelible markers

    Weapons of any type

    Outside food and beverages (including alcohol)

    Food of any type is not permitted in the gallery

    Any item deemed by exhibit security or venue management to be inappropriate

    Bikes, helmets, skateboards, Heelys, rollerblades, and non-mobility aid scooters are not permitted

    Camping chairs



    Walkers, mobility scooters, and other mobility aids


    Cameras (still/video)

    Service animals: For non-traditional service animals, please contact us before your visit.

    Prohibited items will not be stored by venue management or on site.

    Immersive Disney Animation reserves the right to amend the above restrictions without notice. If you are unsure about an item you are bringing with you, please contact us for more information.

  • Accessibility

    Exhibit & Venue

    The entrance, lobby and gallery are all on the same floor with no barriers. The venue is wheelchair accessible and has no barriers to entry for anyone using mobility aids.


    There are five accessible parking spots available on the north side of the building, adjacent to the sidewalk to the front door. The accessible parking spaces are level with the sidewalk. The rest of the parking lot requires a step up to the sidewalk of 6” to 8”.

    Patrons can be dropped off at the front door where there is space in the entry area to wait.

    Sensory Advisory

    This experience may contain bright and flashing lights that may cause discomfort for people with photosensitive epilepsy. There may also be loud music and effects. Viewer discretion is advised.
    Part of the immersive experience is the music which can at times be loud. This may cause discomfort for people with sensitive hearing. Earplugs are available upon request.

    Seating & Mobility Aids

    Wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters are all permitted.

    Support Persons

    Patrons supporting persons with disabilities receive free admission to the exhibit and do not require a ticket for entry. At no time will a patron with a disability who is accompanied by a support person be prevented from having access to his or her support person while on the exhibit premises.

    Service Animals

    Service animals are permitted, but please be advised that the volume and visuals may be uncomfortable for animals. For non-traditional service animals please contact us.


    Masks are not required for entry to the exhibit. They are optional for staff and guests in accordance with current legislation.

    We encourage all patrons to follow safety recommendations such as social distancing, frequent hand washing, and staying at home if they are not feeling well.


    There are two bathrooms located at the rear of the building. They can be accessed from a corridor to the right of the gallery exit, as well as from the venue entrance by walking through the retail and mural corridor past the gallery.

    Each bathroom is equipped with one accessible stall. There are currently no gender-neutral facilities.

  • Exhibit hours

    The exhibit opens 15 minutes before the first entry time of the day and closes 20 minutes after the start time of the last entry time of the day. For entry times, please see the ticketing calendar when you click BUY TICKETS.

  • Location, parking & transit


    Lighthouse ArtSpace Columbus is located at 940 Polaris Parkway.


    Parking is available at no cost on site.

    Directions & Transit Information

    The venue is approximately 1.5 miles west off of the Polaris Parkway exit off I-71. 

    The venue is accessible by two bus stops nearby: the first at 8685 Sancus Boulevard (a 0.8-mile walk from the venue), and the second at Polaris Parkway & Polaris Mall (a 1-mile walk). 

  • Sensory-Friendly Viewings

    During sensory-friendly viewings, the sensory input of the show is reduced to offer a relaxed environment for viewers with special needs.

    Adaptations include:

    - Reduced sound volume

    - Reduced capacity

    - Comfortable gallery lighting at all times, and no blackouts

    - Sensitivity warnings for content (emailed to guests before viewing)

    - Quiet areas outside the gallery where you can take a break from the show

    For more information, and to check available time slots , click here.

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