Created by Canadian Icon and World-Renowned Actor/Director


inspired by

Alberto Manguel

An immersive virtual reality journey that takes you inside iconic and mythical libraries throughout history.

Coming to Toronto

The Experience

The Library at Night is an immersive and sensory virtual-reality journey that whisks you away to ten libraries, real or imagined, throughout time and across the globe – from Mexico to Japan, Copenhagen, Sarajevo and beyond.

Libraries are monuments of knowledge and ideas, and as the guardians of books they contain worlds within worlds. But what happens when the doors close and the lights go out? What lingers at the edges of what is known and understood?

At The Library at Night, you can unravel the mysteries for yourself. This virtual experience created by Robert Lepage and inspired by Alberto Manguel’s book of the same name immerses you in the wonder and whimsy of iconic and mythical libraries throughout history.

You will journey to and step inside Admont Abbey in Austria, Hasedera Temple in Japan, Captain Nemo’s library aboard the Nautilus from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, the National Library of Sarajevo in Bosnia, the Alexandria Library past and present, the Vasconcelos Library in a dry riverbed in Mexico, the library of Social Sciences of Copenhagen University, Canada’s Library of Parliament, the Sainte-Geneviève Library in Paris, and the Library of Congress in Washington.

Coming to Toronto, The Library at Night will immerse you in these libraries like never before. Step inside, explore, discover.

“Get ready to be transported to 10 libraries around the world ”

Step inside the Library at Night

A sensory virtual-reality journey that explores 10 iconic libraries - when the lights go out.


Robert Lepage

“The Library at Night for us was a strange adventure into hitherto unsuspected places and times. Voyaging in the world of libraries inevitably brought us back to writing itself. The new technology we used for the exhibit opened the door to truly extraordinary things that had us writing in a new way. It’s an astonishing language filled with promises, especially if you pair it up with the idea of “night,” with all its mystery, restlessness, dreams, and imaginings. That’s another thing this is — doing justice to the idea of dislocation, of expatriation.”

Multidisciplinary artist and co-designer



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