Toronto’s Van Gogh Exhibit Will Reopen In July With Social Distancing Circles

Like many attractions, the Van Gogh exhibit is going to be operating a little differently than initially planned this summer. The immersive installation recently announced its drive-thru experience that will open next month. Now, the exhibit has revealed another method of keeping viewers spaced out. Toronto’s Van Gogh exhibit will be using social distancing circles when it opens for on-foot viewings in July.

Immersive Van Gogh exhibit invites visitors into a luminous space filled with 600,000 square feet of colourful projections.

The giant projections highlight the artist’s works and bring you deep into his mind.

The exhibit recently announced that it will be offering a drive-thru experience in June so that visitors can enjoy the artwork while staying safe and apart.

Now, the installation has revealed it will be implementing social distancing circles when it opens for on-foot viewings in July.

The circles will allow patrons to “Gogh the Distance” and explore the gallery while using the circles to stay at least 2 metres apart.

The circles will be projected onto the floor and integrated with van Gogh’s artwork so that they become part of the experience.

“Other cities… have successfully encouraged social distancing by painting “circles” in parks and public spaces,” said Corey Ross, co-producer, Lighthouse Immersive in a press release.